Chicken Vegetable Soup

You will need a large sized slow cooker for this recipe (mine is an 8.5 quart). If your slow cooker is not very large, you can half the recipe as this recipe makes a large quantity of soup.

You can also use a normal large pot, and cook this soup over the stove top for a few hours on low to medium heat, but I prefer using a slow cooker as it allows the natural broth from the vegetables and meat to be released over time.



Six medium carrots

Six celery sticks

Three medium sized potatoes

Two medium sized broccoli crowns

One cup of fresh or frozen peas

Eight medium sized mushrooms

Half of a medium sized yellow or white onion

Six garlic cloves

600 grams of boneless, skinless chicken thighs

Four to five litres of water

One tablespoon of salt (You can add more if you prefer)

One tablespoon of black pepper


Thoroughly wash and chop up all the vegetable ingredients (peel carrots, potatoes and onion prior)and place them into a slow cooker. Make sure the garlic is chopped up very finely. Cut the chicken thighs into small, thin long slices or pieces and add them into the cooker.

Add the salt, pepper and water to the rest of the ingredients.

Let the soup cook over six to eight hours on high heat settings in the slow cooker or until the vegetables and meat are well cooked. You will also be able to see the natural broth in the soup.

You can serve it along with crackers or bread or have it on its own. Enjoy!






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