You Will Never Find the Right Path Without a Destination

You will never find the right path until you have a destination…

It’s the truth! I often hear people say things such as its all about the journey… not the destination … or the journey is the destination, which is true. The journey is what we should enjoy… but I believe you do need to have a destination.

But when I say destination, I am referring to life goals. It is very important to set goals in life. You may not know what you want right away, which is okay, but once you do know what you want … set a goal or multiple goals of where you want to be or what you want to see yourself doing.
You may not know how you are going to do it or get there but once you have made your mind up of what you want…you will find a way to get there or achieve it. You need to be specific about what you want and set a time frame you want to achieve within. You need to envision the end goal. That is the only way you will be able to find a path.

I used to be a person who never set proper goals. Even if I knew what I wanted, I didn’t have a set plan or visualize it. I always had a belief that life is about going with the flow and you just had to take things as they came your way.

This year everything changed for me. This year was a very a busy year for me as I had so many things going on in my life, but at the same time I was able to accomplish a lot of goals as well. From improving my health, to changing my job, finishing my nursing degree, starting my own blog, all while helping my sister with her wedding. I was able to achieve it all, and I realized it was because I had started to visualize all I wanted and had set deadlines to achieve and accomplish my goals. All I did was set realistic and specific goals and the doors to help me get to where I wanted to go kept on opening.

When you have no set goal or destination, you might come across many different paths, perhaps because you may not know what you want. Sometimes those paths may lead us to realizing what we want and don’t want but sometimes those paths can keep us confused and prevent us from accomplishing what we want or desire.
Therefore if you have a desire to accomplish something in life or get somewhere, set goals and envision yourself where you want to be and set a time by when you want to get there … the path(s) will appear themselves.

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