Tzatziki Dip

Tzatziki which is a yogurt based sauce of Greek origin is a wonderful healthy dip which can be used to eat along with vegetables, grilled meat and pita bread.  It is one of my favorites and very easy and quick to make.

Ingredients you will need:

Greek yogurt – 650 gram container (I prefer the regular one because it makes the sauce thicker, but if you are very health conscious you can use the low fat one).

Half of a long English cucumber

Five garlic cloves (you can use more or less depending on your taste preference)

Fresh dill – you can use how much you prefer

Half to one teaspoon of Sea salt (Depends on your preference)

Once teaspoon of Black pepper

One table spoon of olive oil

Once you have all the ingredients, pour the yogurt into a large mixing boil and stir it with a mixing spoon until it is soft and creamy.  Food process the half cucumber, garlic and dill.  Pour food processed mixture into the yogurt.  Add olive oil, sea salt and black pepper to yogurt mixture as well.  Stir all ingredients together until they are all mixed well and your tzatziki is ready to eat.  Enjoy!



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