Potato Latkes

Potato Latkes are traditional Jewish potato pancakes and can be eaten as a meal, snack or as a side dish. They taste delicious along with applesauce and/or a little bit of sour cream.

Two large potatoes
One cup of all purpose flour
One small onion
Four garlic cloves
Two eggs
One teaspoon of salt
One teaspoon of black pepper
Three tablespoons of grape seed oil or cooking spray

First peel and grate the potatoes and squeeze all the water out using a tea towel or cheese cloth. Using a food processor, grind the onion and garlic. Add all the ingredients (except the oil) together into a mixing bowl and mix them together until you have a solid mixture. Heat up the oil or cooking spray in a large frying pan on medium heat. Grab half a handful of the mixture out of the bowl and make it into a patty. Cook the patty for about eight to ten minutes on each side on medium- low heat in the frying pan until it is a dark golden brown color. This recipe should make about six latkes. Enjoy!

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