Life is a Story

Life is a story: make yours the bestseller 

Well it is…isn’t it? Life is full of ups and downs and different experiences which we should learn how to embrace. I often hear people expressing their feelings about how they regret some of the decisions they have taken which led to mishaps or dissatisfaction in the past. But then I also hear people talking about all the great past experiences in their life as well. If we look at the present moment in our lives, and think back to the past—so many memories and stages of our lives compile into chapters of our story. Each experience or different phase, every heartbreak, scar, struggle, and hurdle has left a message in our lives and has taught us something new and valuable. Every time I would reflect back on decisions or actions I have taken or think about past experiences, I realized there was some kind of emotion or feeling attached to it. Sometimes it was a happy, sad, or angry and at times I felt stupid. But slowly I came to realize and understand that everything happened so I could become the person I have become. My life experience, knowledge and wisdom lies within those experiences and now I just smile and think of it as a phase.   When we view our lives according to our achievements and failures…we become so judgemental, but what if we look at our lives like a story that was in a book. Rather than thinking about all the bad or negative experiences or failures as something to be ashamed of—we should think of them as guidance towards our happy ending.   It’s funny because when we look back into our own lives and think about all the mistakes we have made, the failures, the wrong choices, we become so self conscious and start dwelling on the past. But think about it. Most of the stories and books we like to read are so intriguing because of the drama that happens. Likewise your life is like that too—but with multiple climaxes. Good or bad…all the things that have happened in your life have made your life not only more interesting, but brought you to where you are in the present.   The best part is that each experience has brought you to the point you are at today and being aware of this means that you still have so much opportunity to go further in your story and chose your own ending. The best seller novels and the best movies are those that are enticing and real, which we can relate to. A book or a movie without a story is just plain boring. Whose story do you think would sell more, someone who has had a basic, easy simple life or someone who’s had an eventful life with many ups and downs? I think the answer is pretty clear, so next time you beat yourself up over your past mishaps…just remember that your life is your story so make it a best seller.

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